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Deinón, 2013


Workshops (3 sessions of 60 minutes each) and performance (5 minutes)


In ancient greek “deinón” means the scary, frightening or evil while the marvelous, remarkable or fascinating.


Deinón, 2013 / performance-workshop / NauEstruch, Sabadell / all pictures: Almudena Manzanal


Isn’t it fear an ancient way to control? In western societies, following the logic of contemporary capitalism, fear arises in a macro level as a dominant emotion. But, as Antonio Negri points out, from a micro perspective –socially widespread– there is a dominant narrative which calls for responsibility, autonomy, creativity, pride, confidence and team spirit.


During an artistic residency (NauEstruch, Sabadell, 2013) I proposed a three workshop programme. By imitating the method of coaching exercises, group dynamics and therapeutic dance, “Deinón” sought to both stress the conflict between individuality and community as to rethink the purpose of group practices within a competitive system. At the end of the residency, as alive documentation, a Greek chorus performed by some of the participants of the workshops explained them at the courtyard of NauEstruch.


1st session: 17 April 2013 → Script excerpt (SP) ?



2nd session: 2 March 2013 → Script excerpt (SP) ?



3rd session: 3 June 2013→ Script excerpt (SP) ?



Deinón para coro griego, 2013


performance (5 minutes)


Deinón para coro griego, 2013 / performance / NauEstruch / performers: Alba Feito, Beatriz Regueira, Estel Boada, Laura Llaneli and Ariadna Guiteras


Deinón para coro griego, 2013 / performance video documentation / video: Jan Monclús


→ Performance script (SP) ?


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