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Un cos natural, 2017

(a natural body)


Installation for a performance / variable dimensions


A natural body (installation views), 2017 / plastic vegetables and fruits, clay powder (rhassoul, kaolin, green and pink,) steel, anti-rust primer,
spray paint, tablet / variable dimensions / Galeria Àngels, Barcelona







Susan Bordo says that
the “natural body” is a fiction.

Natural Skin
Natural Hair Color
Natural Hands
Natural Nails
Natural Teeth Whitening
Natural Thick Eyebrows
Natural Bodybuilding
Natural Chocolate Face Mask

Natural Voice
Natural Posture
Natural Childbirth
Natural Medicine
Natural Gestures
Natural Clothes
Natural Butt
Natural Lips
Natural feet treatment
Natural Gray Hair
Natural Maturity
Natural Look
Natural Attitude

Natural Health
Natural Food
Natural Beauty



“Un cos natural” is an installation for the performance Healthy Gestures #beauty (2015) and was commissioned as part of the programme “Embodied Cinema. Perversions and desire” curated by Núria Gomez Gabriel at Galeria Àngels Barcelona, 2017.