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Healthy Gestures #beauty, 2015


Performance (3 hours aprox.)


Healthy Gestures #beauty / performance / Galeria Àngels, Barcelona, 2017 / photo: Ikram Bouloum Sakkali


“Heatlhy Gestures #beauty” is a performance based on the mimesis and abstraction of movements and words gathered from online beauty and health tutorials. The piece consists of gesture and word improvisation based on an online score and takes at least three hours to perform. A few pieces of real and fake fruit and vegetables are placed randomly in the space along with an iPad stand. The performance starts displaying the sole process of memorizing, accumulating sequences of movements and/or words, failing and starting all over again until the sequence is entirely memorized.


Following Judith Butler on gender performativity, if repetition consolidates the norm, there’s a slight hope in failure, in repeating badly, as a way of resistance. The long duration allows the piece to depict the process of consolidation through repetition while makes visible the inner violence of seemingly soft gestures. “Healthy Gestures #beauty” reveals the impossibility of precise repetition, that is to say, the potentiality of a myriad of alternates.




Healthy Gestures #beauty / performance / Encura, Barcelona, 2015 / photo: Marzia Matarese



“Heatlhy Gestures #beauty” was commissioned by Encura (Curator’s Network) for the exhibition “The Conversation” at Hangar (Barcelona, 2015). Taking its name from Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 psychological thriller about a paranoid surveillance expert, the curator Lauren Wetmore invited five artists-in-residence at Hangar to replicate and disturb the controlling dynamics of personal and public forms of surveillance, featuring installation and performances throughout the space.


“Heatlhy Gestures #beauty” has also been performed within the programme “Embodied Cinema. Perversions and desire” curated by Núria Gomez Gabriel at Galeria Àngels Barcelona, 2017.


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