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Hacer pan, como follar / petra óleum, 2017


Installation (variable dimensions) and performance (every 45 minutes during 7 hours)
at “Zoinks!” SAC, Barcelona, SP.


Hacer pan, como follar, 2017 / documentation of performance at Zoinks! SAC / photo: Matteo Guidi


You hear someone whispering near you. The uvula is the muscular support of a performance sung in a hushed voice that Ariadna Guiteras will prolong throughout the day. You might find her hidden behind a corner or circulating around the building. The song that she sings is potentially neverending and amasses personal experiences, poems and fragments of theoretical texts about the history of bread, sex and petroleum.
Making bread, like fucking
Unctuous materials derived from fossils are accumulated in the kitchen on the ground floor. It could be the preparations for a sacrificial ritual or perhaps the remains of an orgy. Clay, latex and petroleum jelly shape a volcanic landscape of sorts, the culmination of a performative act presented by Ariadna Guiteras in a deferred way; through its material traces.
petra óleum
– Text by Sabel Gavaldón