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Studio / petroleum jelly in floor crack


Gentle Bread (2016) / Performance 33’/ audio documentation



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WORKSHOP: Exterminar el cool. Exercicis d’anticreativitat curated by Pilar Cruz

21/09/16. Miopia Augmentada. Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona.


OPEN STUDIOS – 17/08 – 18/08/16. TOP. Hangar, Barcelona.


PERFORMANCE: “Zen Fascist” – 19/07 – 02/10/16. “Segueixi els rastres com si fos miop“,

Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona.


PERFORMANCE: “Greenshake Talks” – 27/05/16 at 18.30pm. “Do you believe?“,
Sant Andreu Contemporani. Premi Miquel Casablancas, Fabra i Coats, Barcelona.


EXHIBITION: “Gentle Bread” – 28/04/16 at 18pm. Chalton Gallery, London. U.K.


RESIDENCY: Homesession International Residence Programme at THIS, London. U.K.

March – April, 2016.


RESIDENCY: Hangar, Barcelona. January 2015 – April, 2017.



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Green Shake Talks, 2015 / Two performative talks

(45′ each) at Fabra i Coats, Barcelona.

Photography © Sant Andreu Contemporani


Healthy Gestures #beauty, 2015 / performance (3 hours)

at Hangar, Barcelona. Photography: Marzia Matarese


Matriarcado, 2016 / Ceramic, plastic bag, 39 x 16 x 9.5 cm

“Gentle Bread” at Chalton Gallery, London UK


Zen Fascist (2016), 2016 / performance behind doors (45′)

Segueixi els rastres com si fos miop

at Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona


Puf, 2015 (detail) / Ø 1,2m, Variable dimensions / Lycra, cotton, foam,

lavender and eucalyptus / Galeria Joan Prats, Barcelona.

Photography: Ángela Palacios


Puf, 2015 / Ø 1,2m, Variable dimensions / Lycra, cotton, foam,

lavender and eucalyptus / Photography: Mirari Echavarri


Healthy Gestures #beauty, 2015 (detail-installation view)

Performance (3 hours) “The Conversation”

curated by Lauren Wetmore at Hangar, Barcelona


Zen Fascist, 2014 / performance (45′) at MACBA, Barcelona
Photography: Elisa Carnicer


airport_face_fitness_yoga.ipa choreography, 2014
Graphit on paper, metal clips, foamy,
26 pages of 19,5 x 14,8 cm


Fog Bowl, 2015 (detail-exhibition view) Fireplace, Barcelona
Photography: Primoz Zorko


Deinón, 2013 / Performative workshops at NauEstruch, Sabadell
Photography: Almudena Manzanal


Nos vemos ayer (See you yesterday), 2012 / Performance (30′)
at A*Desk, Barcelona