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The amazing futurist @ariadnaguiteras’ voice at #strata curated by @caterinaalmirall

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Gentle Bread ahir a @escolamassana amazing documentation by @maxazemar amb fotos de @latorremglm #glitchfeminism —> “As Glitch Feminists “we” do not choose to be woman, we acknowledge that it is assigned to “us”; this woman has forced generations into delusion, the cruel fiction of being fixed, immovable, static. “Cyborg” is a key precursor for the glitched body—a revolutionary agent, an opportunity to self-define, to mutate toward authenticity, to re/generate on our own terms. Feminism as an enduring politic consents first to the foundational premise that “man” and “woman” must persist; secondly, it presupposes that realising the end goal of equality (and eradicating the aforementioned “violence”), requires power itself to be redistributed—and peacefully shared—between the two. Luce Irigaray recognises a “…peaceful coexistence…is the decoy of an economy of power and war”[10], a utopic distraction that positions itself just above the horizon of plausibility, ever so elusive, frustratingly always out of reach. The labor of reaching is unpaid, is exhausting, and is often rendered invisible. These “… taxonomies [of man / woman, male / female, masculine / feminine] produce meaning”[11] for a society driven by the economy of gender; yet, as mutual byproducts of a flawed construct (one that spurs an economy forward, that proliferates within a market, that marks these dichotomies as commodities within capital exchange), they are essentially meaningless[12]. As recognised by Butler, what is called upon as “the naturalized knowledge of gender” is instead “a changeable and revisable reality” [13]. Glitch Feminism identifies the body as a problematic institution, essential to its ontological soul.” #LegacyRussel @ellerustle

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↑ Tortuga, 2017


Així es veia Tortuga d’ @ariadnaguiteras a la passada #nitdelsmuseus.

Una publicación compartida de Hangar (@hangar_org) el

↑ Tortuga, 2017


↑ Hacer pan, como follar / petra óleum, 2017


Last stop >>> Zoink! Fer pa, com follar, una perfomance cantada en voz baja de @ariadnaguiteras #graftool #grafnet #grafagenda #santandreucontemporani #premimiquelcasablancas16

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↑ Garranyac, 2017


↑ Gentle Bread, 2016


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Hacer pan, como follar


Gentle Bread


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