Printed Matter
Performance notes published by Los Tambores, Contribution to zine published by Morboso y Mohoso, Contribution to publication coordinated by Iván López Munuera for Sant Andreu Contemporani, Contribution to zine published by Horriblemente Humano, Contribution to publication coordinated by Fermín Jiménez Landa and Jordi Antas for La Panera, Pop up poster Self Edition, Zine published by Horriblemente Humano for Nau Estruch, Contribution to publication coordinated by Regina de Miguel for Can Felipa Arts Visuals.


Prova rebutjada (Tout va bien)
next september 2015 at Galería Joan Prats, Barcelona.

Paratext nº4
next 10/06/2015 at 7pm at Hangar, Barcelona.

Fog Bowl
next 28/03/2015 at 12am with Estanis Comella at Fireplace, Barcelona.

Presentació artistes residents
next 10/02/2015 at Hangar, Barcelona.

Ready to Rebel
performance next 18/10/2014 at Macba, Barcelona.

Domestica 3
Scenario for/after Ready to Rebel next 13/07/2014, Barcelona.


Based in Barcelona. I hold a Master Degree in Art Production and a Bachelor of Arts, both from the University of Barcelona. During that time, I’ve studied at the Universität der Künste Berlin (2010) within an interchange scholarship and I’ve been part of the student program at A*Desk, Barcelona (2012).


I have done performances like Ready to Rebel at MACBA (Macba es viu. Barcelona, 2014), Ready to Rebel. The airport_face_fitness_yoga.ipa Master Lecture at Fudació Suñol (MasterClass. Barcelona, 2014), Deinón para coro griego at Nauestruch (Sabadell, 2013), Cordón de plata at my rooftop (Nenazas. Barcelona, 2013), Nos vemos ayer at A*Desk (Barcelona, 2012), among others.


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